Driver Period Help

We are attempting to finalize the driver control code and have been given a lot of suggestions but not all of these codes work. Some of these suggestions involve if else statements and we aren’t sure how to code these properly can someone assist us?

I would recommend brushing up on general programming skills for your language of choice. This isn’t really the best place to be taught basic programming.

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^^^this. There are plenty of awesome tutorials on YouTube for how to use a language, and I know PROS and Okapilib have great online documentation, while VexCode has its documentation built in. As for RMS, I really don’t know.

Assuming you are using PROS or VexCode, I’d recommend just following a few tutorials on C++ to learn the basic syntax (if, while, and functions, really). Since the documentation is built right into VexCode, its very easy to write code for your robot after learning basic C++.

Also, if you come across any errors, google and stack overflow are your best friends, followed by this forum. PM me if you need any help.


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