Driver Skills Challege

I’m just wondering about the Diver Skills Challenge and RobotC (and VEXnet). I found that with the competition template and RobotC we need to run the autonomous a little or the User Operated section will not run. Can we use jumper clips or something like that? or that out of the question. Should we make a custom code so that it doesn’t even have the autonomous section in it? or what… What have other people done…

In the past, we would set the user control or autonomous to 60 seconds and re-program the robot.

We did find that in RobotC 1.4 that you need to set the autonomous to 1 second when you are doing 60 seconds of teleop. If you set the autonomous to zero nothing runs. This all might be different in RobotC 1.97 , so your mileage may vary.

Does it work with VEXnet? I know that works with crystals, but VEXnet is a little different because it doesn’t run autonomous unless it is told to AND it won’t run user controlled if it isn’t told to + autonomous has run.

We competed on Oct 31 with robot c and vexnet. We could run the programming challenge, but not the Robot Skills challenge. Another team told us they had to hack the template ro get the Robot Skills challenge to work.

I guess if I don’t get a response I will do that.

Last year we didn’t use the competition template for the robot skills challenge. We just started and stopped when we were told to.
If there are field controlers they will automaticly enable and disable the remote.

You can change

#pragma competitionControl(Competition)


#pragma competitionControl(UserControl)

and it should only run the usercontrol period. (Check with the built-in help in the competition section that 'UserControl" is right - I haven’t got RobotC on this computer).

Note: I havn’t tested any of the above with VexNET.

We tried it (you need to type in UserTest) but it doesn’t run unless you run autonomous first. I think we will write our own templatish thing.