Driver station post for portable field perimeter

Only had one team in sixty that had to be reminded not to play with the Driver Station stand. It worked out well for three tournaments so far.

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I would use barrel connectors and have a short cable for the driver interface so if they break the cable, you do not have to rerun 8m back to the V5 Field Controller Brain.
This would do the trick…

Did this work for you? Just curious, thinking of doing the same thing.

Two fields no issue - one field had an issue on one port. Will debug during break.

We will harden the approach - easier to replace a coupler or driver cable than reroute a whole cable set to driver station.

All about being able to quickly debug. My gut is this approach works well. Was at event with VEXnet Field control and laptops controlling field queuing that failed… much quicker to swap rPi and V5 Brain than go through whole windows debug dance.

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Ya tell me about it, I got another EP to switch over to rPi and besides a couple glitches that really just needed to redo the timer, everything worked flawlessly. They all looked at me funny when I was like “connect to the server” thinking it was some big secret thing -_-.

Now if only I could convince people that iPad’s work better than paper, they all think u cant see the input history if u use iPads, I’m like THERES A HISTORY BUTTON!!!


Hey so Im trying to print the mounts from thingiverse and printables, but its like either super huge, or super small. What size are they supposed to be?

From the side, the perimeter mount (c-shaped piece) should be 3.1 x 2.75 inches.

If the imported STL is way small, usually that’s because the STL was exported from something drawn in inches, but the software importing it is reading the values in millimeters (STLs just define a bunch of triangles in a unitless 3D space, it’s up to your slicer or whatever to decide what units those coordinates are in). If that’s the case, the magic number to scale up by is 2540% (25.4 mm in 1 inch).

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The mounts on Thingiverse printed fine on MakerBot Sketch using their cloud print slicer… also worked with my BareXY printer using Ultimaker Cura slicer. Not sure where issue is.

Maybe info about your print workflow would help.

So Ive been playing with this design and seeing if I can add a brain and raspberry pi to it for each field, this is where I’m at so far:

I’m using .625 screws to hold it in place, thinking of recessing the screws into the plastic so I can use .500 screws, and then marking holes for placement of the raspberry pi, not sure if I can add a housing around it…