Driver station

Where is the driver station? Is it on the same side of the field as the starting positions? Thanks!

Yes, that is correct.

Is it just me, or would it feel more natural if they flipped the field image 180 degrees?

For the last couple of years, the number signs face the audience. When the kids are standing, they can’t see the numbers.

So is this how the audience would see the field and not the drivers?


Where I was going with this is our field has its side with the signs pressed against a wall, and when we’re talking about strategies, we’re standing on the opposite opposite where I guess the audience would be. I want to turn the field 180 degrees, so that we’re looking at the field from a driver’s perspective, but I was concerned that it would no longer match the orientation in the game manual.

Yes. The drivers are right by where the place the bot.

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The Meta that is in play here:
VEX realizes that in order to create the culture change they are attempting (along with other STEM initiatives), they need to approach things from the third-party spectators’ perspective. Getting people not involved with robots to be really excited about robots is key to the continued success of the program.
As such, they make it a point to really focus on the audience’s perspective in a lot of what they do and how they think about doing it.
Plus, only four people see the field from the drivers’ perspective - the hundreds of others at an event will see it as shown in the manual.

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