Driver's Meeting Note Inconsistencies

I wasnt really sure if I should have posted this somewhere else but here it is…

A few weeks ago as I was overseeing Referees at a tournament, I realized they were stating some wrong information at the drivers meeting. This was a result of them reading off of the Drivers Meeting Notes made by the RECF and VEX.

Specifically, The notes cite SG2 as saying, “Prior to the start of each Match, each Robot may use their one (1) star as a preload.” However in the official Starstruck Manual SG2 is stated that “Prior to the start of each Match, each robot must use its one (1) Star available as a preload”. This inconsistency led to some confusion in the beginning of qualifications also.

Another thing to note is that the meeting notes state G4 as Adult Drive Team Members are not permitted to touch the controls or interact with the robot during the Match. G4 has been overruled twice now, both here: and here:

I understand that this document was made back in June, but I feel that there should be an update posted to relieve confusion that new referees along with teams at the tournaments may have.



Thanks for pointing this out. The RECF has updated this document and it will be published to their website shortly. (

Wait… I’m confused. I was confused about this last year, too…
Is it actually supposed to be “must”, or “may” ?

The rule is that preloads * must * be used. The document which Karthik linked above has been updated and is now correct.

Last year, the rule was that preloads may have been used, but this changed with the nature of the game.