So just wondering, does anyone have opinions on skills drivers vs match drivers. Should they be the same person? Should you have one for each? I’m just wondering if anyone has had any luck with each option. I’m just worried having two seperate drivers would lose practice time for both.

There really is no correct answer for this. You just have to analyze your team dynamic and find the best option.

My team has a separate driver for each, as you probably already know. I think it’s worked quite well for us, as the stress between getting a high skills score and doing well in match play is separated between two people.

Another thing is that having two drivers means that two people have experience controlling the robot. They can help each other by sharing tips and techniques, and can even sub for one another in competitions in case one doesn’t feel like driving for whatever reason.

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okay if you can make 2 drivers work then okay go for it but i’d really only recommend 1 because when i run skills it helps me get more practice and do better in matches and it could be better to just have one person specialize in driving and be really really good at it instead of splitting up you’re time and having 2

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True. I see what you mean. I’m not sure if giving up the full driver would be worth it.

Totally depends on how your team operates. I have no clue how my team will do meetings next season, but I know we all have different schedules.
My programmer really wanted to drive this year, but he joined really late and didn’t get the chance to. I let him drive a Skills, and he got a whopping four points, but that was basically his first time trying it in that setting. I, Captain and Driver, kinda hate Skills, so, if he can work when I’m not there, I might just make him the dedicated Skills guy. (Programmer and Driver)

And, if I won’t have to do Skills, I can spend more time talking and scouting out teams to strategize.
I, having the most experience and strategy, will still most likely drive in matches. That’d be my ideal way to do it.

Alas, it depends on how you work. It does make the most sense to have your Driver be consistent, but, as in my case, it might just work out if you don’t.


Do what works for your team.

We do different drivers for two reasons:

  1. let’s competition drivers actually get lunch and some downtime. (since their best window for skills is usually over lunch)

  2. you have understudies for when the lead driver is home in bed with a fever on tourament day.

I like to have one dedicated driver, but also have a backup driver who doesn’t practice as much, but has enough experience in case the dedicated driver isn’t available. In my case the backup driver usually ends up being the person who normally forms strategies and gives instructions to the driver while in a match since they generally know the field and the bot the most.

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