Drivetrain Clicking

My team changed our drive to a faster one, and occasionally we hear clicks while its turning. Does this mean it doesnt have enough torque?

Well this can be fixed differently depending on the drive. If you have sprockets, you may need more or less tension depending on that. With gears, you might need to check your spacing, and if the gears are compatible. What ratio + motor are you using? Also check your spacing for any rubbing. Can I see a pic?

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I am not in iq, but this sounds like a motor issue, or a wheel or something alike catching on something. We had a motor that was clicking like this (I am in VRC though), and a gear inside of the motor had caught.

If you have the rubber traction wheels on the front and rear it may be a case of the wheels cant turn fast enough and you are skipping a tooth on your drive train gears.

If you’ve missed a gearbox and left it at the old ratio, it will fight with the other motor or motors on that sequence of meshed gears and skip teeth sometimes. Just a possibility that I’ve seen happen in a different mechanism. (Thinking more, it’s unlikely to be this - slower motors would overpower fast motors, and I guess your drive would stay slow as well as clicking.)

If your using a chain I believe it’s because your chain is too loose.

we have changed it back to the slower ratio,howver tmrw we will change it back to the one that makes the clicking sound. I will send photos then

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Did the click come back or did you get this resolved?

my teammates seem to think that the robot doesnt have enough torque so they reverted the sprockets to a slightly slower drive

One of our teams had this problem, when they created a Ben-Lipper-style cataput. They found out that the chain was skipping because it didn’t cover enough of the sprocket. Changing the sprocket and motor position should help solve the problem. On the vex website it says that:

The driving Sprocket should have at least 120 degrees of chain of chain wrapped around it or the chain can skip teeth on the Sprocket.

Ensure that this happens will stop the clicking from happening

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