Drivetrain coding help

Were a day before our first competition and my driver is insisting we use a code he developed for auton but he used the drivetrain piece rather than individual motors. He likes using arcade controls so that is what I want to make for him to use. I found a way to use tank drive but it is scuffed is their a fast and easy way for me to make a code that’ll work properly before tomorrow.

vexcode has the functionality to bind a drivetrain controls to the joysticks automatically. You get very little control over how it behaves, but if you open the devices menu, go to the controller, and click on the joysticks it will cycle through the different options. You can choose from I believe tank drive, arcade on either the left or the right stick, and split arcade. doesn’t involve any coding, and it’s pretty limited if you want to do things like input curves but it’s a very quick and easy way to get working drive controls.


Thanks for telling me about that. I never was interested in using the drivetrain as a whole so I never learned about how to use it.