Drivetrain Debate

We would love to do this, but sadly we have no pneumatics.

i suggest a 6m drive with 6 3.25 omni wheels (center 2 wheels locked) with 100rpm lift, 600rpm ring and 2,3 pistons back tilt clamp. 2 motors 90% gurantee you losing in goal rush + cant park

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ah thats too bad if you dont have access to use pistons 4m drive is best option

How do you have a 4 motor H-Drive? Are you implying that the tank section of your drive is only 2 motors, and strafe is 2? That’s a really weak drivetrain if that’s the case.

Some people use this term as an h-braced drive with a c-channel in the middle. I’m pretty sure that is what’s going on here.


This topics name is kinda misleading

don’t use a 2 motor drive
use at least a 4
also here’s a poll for those that thought that this topic was something different
how many drive motors do you use?

  • 0 motors (pneubot)
  • 1 motor
  • 2 motors
  • 3 motors
  • 4 motors
  • 5 motors
  • 6 motors
  • 7 motors
  • 8 motors
  • 9 motors (you wish)

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what kind of wheels do you use?

  • 2.75
  • 3.25
  • 4

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what rpm is your drive (not motors)?

  • 0-100
  • 100-200
  • 200-300
  • 300-400
  • 400-500
  • 500-600
  • 600-purple cartridge
  • purple cartridge+

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pneubot will be the new meta with 4 arms with 2 motors each


forgot to add the 01s at the ends of the poll… oops
use the lower spectrum if you are right at the boundary

I do.


We’ll bring our pneubot to world’s. It might even have pneumatic steering by then. Visit us at the MCCC VEX-U pit :slightly_smiling_face:


Our team would have liked to be able to use a six motor drive but we were stuck with four since we don’t have pneumatics. We tried a two motor drive train at the beginning of the season, it sucked. Our robot was slow and couldn’t get on the ramp very easily.

No, it’s 60 to 84. 20 char

We are only just now implementing pneumatics on our robot so I know the feeling. Personally in your case I would suggest to make your motor distro a 4m drive (geared up to a reasonable extent if possible), 1m lift (rubber bands to help lifting) 1m claw, 1m tilter (also rubber banded) and a 1m ring intake.
Of course you have to take in account how long it will take to design and build because driving a robot you dont know how to drive will never end well. Our robot used a 2m lift and had no ring intake which we arent changing because it’s too big of a design change right before worlds but if your robot has the space to do it than go ahead.

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definately lmao hopefully see you at states

the number of actuations and power gurantee the driver go mentally unstable, 30s in the match airs already gone – worse than 8m drive pushbot (create award maybe?)

With VRC-legal tanks, the air in the pneubot is gone in 12 ft, and it will be less when pneumatic steering is added. As an exhibition bot, it needs to be tethered to a big external Air supply.


damn while us still using 2 legal vex tanks (middle school division)
we have 4 pistons on our bot and its already a bit skechy for matches

If you feel you are running out of air pressure too fast then take a look at the location of your solenoids relative to your pneumatic cylinders. The distance between them can have a real impact on your air consumption. My team has found that if you move the solenoids closer to the cylinders it saves quite a bit of air.

The other method of saving a lot of air is to install the regulator between your air tanks and solenoid valves. Adjust the regulator so your air cylinders have just enough Force but not too much to operate properly.


Sane people would use a regulated air supply like paintball tank too way more than 100 psi