Drivetrain direction selector

Hi, I’m struggling to understand the graphical representation of the IQ brain in the drivetrain configuration window. The image of the brain does not resemble an IQ brain, and therefore, students have no way of knowing which way their robot is going to go. The image looks more like a LEGO EV3, where the LCD screen is at one end of the brick. But on an IQ brick, the LCD is dead center. I’m not sure what the solution is, but I just wanted to point out that this particular piece of the software is not intuitive or user-friendly.

The icon itself is probably not intended to represent an actual orientation of anything on the robot, just that it “inverts” the direction.
The actual direction would depend on other factors like how the motors were physically connected to the wheels or where they were placed on the robot. The Brain could also be physically mounted in almost any orientation.
So think of this icon more of being there to invert the direction.


I see what you mean. I guess then I don’t see a need for any image at all. Just a checkbox to invert the direction!