Drivetrain discussion

hello i am wondering which drivetrain people think is better X-Drive or H-Drive.
I’ll appreciate the input.

X drive is used more often than H drive because it uses less motors and it has more speed and power when strafing.

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An X-Drive would probably be much better for a couple of reasons: it uses only 4 motors, can strafe with the power of all 4 motors, and is faster, whereas an H-Drive would require either 3 or 5 motors and can only strafe with the power of 1 motor.

However, depending on your design, an x drive might not work. Depending on how your x drive is built and what size wheels you use, you might not be able to fit everything within the 18" size limit. My robot currently has an x drive, and is just about 18" wide and barely has space for intakes and balls to pass through in the middle. I was able to make it work, but depending on how large you want your robot to be, it might not be best for you.

If you want a holonomic drive, you might also want to consider a mecanum drive.


Thank you for your input
i thought that that would be the better idea

To be honest, if your focus is more on a defensive strategy then go with an H-drive and if you want your robot to be more on the speedy side then go with an X-drive.

But it’s just like they said, it depends on your design.

I think this year you definitely want to go with an x drive as it requires less motors, gives more speed, has diagonals, and having a wheel in the middle would block off spacer where the ball would be otherwise.

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I am trying to convince my team’s driver that X-drive would be better this year than H-Drive, but i am also considering Mecanum drive

Which one do you think is better Mecanum or X drive

actually never mind i am just wondering what are some more pros of X drive that H drive doesn’t have.

X-drive is sqrt 2 times faster than tank drive.

Here is an H drive that I built for Tower Takeover ^, you can also check out some of my match vids (on my youtube) as well, as for most competitions I was running H drive.

H drive worked well for strafing under light loads, but when the robot gets heavier (expecially with like 10 cubes), the center wheel jams up a bit. Other than that it worked ok.


H drive < meccanum drive < bendy drive


It has less power than a tank drive.
So a slower acceleration and less pushing power than tank drive.

If you want speed in all directions go X-drive H-drive strifes really slow, but for Change up the snail will be a lot harder when you have to work around the middle wheel.

I meant more than an h drive. x dive uses all 4 motors when strafing, an h drive only uses 1 motor worth of power when strafing.

But if you’re in IQ:

mecanum < swerve < H-Drive < X-Drive

so what i am understanding is that this year in Change up a X-Drive would work better for an offensive strategy and a tank drive/ H-drive would be better for a defensive one.

Only in orthogonal directions

X drive is better at zone defense. Tank is better at pushing battles. H drive is kinda in the middle but not as good because it costs an extra motor and you can’t do some of the cool stuff you can do with an x drive


It’s a little more nuanced than that.
X drives have 4m of power in the orthogonal directions. The non orthogonal directions is where they have 2m of power. But tank drives can’t move in non orthogonal directions so who cares lmao

You’re confusing MA with power here

In orthogonal directions x drives go sqrt2 times faster than a tank drive (with a proportional loss in torque).
This is assuming they both have the same wheel diameter and wheel rpm.
X drives are simply a fancy way to change in mechanical advantage of a standard drive. Think of them as just another gear ratio.
If a tank drive had a gear ratio of 1:sqrt2, it would be identical to an x drive aside from being able to strafe (or do that cool thing where you can turn and move simultaneously). Because of this, it’s really not fair to give a blanket statement like that about x drives when a tank drive of the same MA would be inferior