Drivetrain inverts during auton?

So I have a reader auton, and for some reason it ends up switching the drive train randomly throughout it. As in left is right, and right is left. There is no obvious problems in my code, as it works for almost 15 seconds usually, perfectly. What do you guys think? Could there be anything you can think of that might cause this issue?

I’m no coding expert, but there is a trick I like to impart to people who are better at it than me: try reading your code out loud to a stuffed animal or pet or something; saying it out loud can help you see any mistakes you might have overlooked. Of course, it might be a hardware issue, but I don’t have enough information to help with that.

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I really doubt it’s a hardware issue. It took coders much better than me three months to code it: I did it in like 4 days (with the aid of j spearman for loading files) it’s very rushed. It works surprisingly accurately, just that one issue with the drive train