Drivetrain.. more options

This is a great start. The kids are going to love it. Would like to see more options for the drivetrain like in modkit. It was a great learning tool for how to use a ruler, explaining scrub, ect.

Great job guys!!!


Thanks for the feedback! We focused on making the Drivetrain as easy and accessible as possible as some users were daunted by the number of options in ModKit.

If you de-select the gyro from the Drivetrain configuration you do get an option to enter a wheel base for encoder-based turns.

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To confirm, is the wheel base measurement center to center?

Yep, we use the middle of the left and right driving wheels as the wheelbase for turns.

In all industries I am aware of, and especially with cars, trucks etc, “wheelbase” is the distance between the centers of the front and rear wheels, assuming 2 axles.

It’s clear in that the distance from left wheel to right wheel is measured to determine “wheel base”, but I suspect for some mentors & coaches who look just at the IQ Blocks screens, it could be very confusing when they are trying to help the students. At least those of advanced age, like me :wink:

The reason I asked is because I was assuming front to back distance and couldn’t figure out why it was needed.

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Yeah… I think we’ll need to revisit that term (per the other thread on this topic). Thanks!

Just had my first ‘play’. Found the Drivetrain after a little look about (agree it should be in a Tutorial Video somewhere). Got me thinking about different types of Turn (pivot vs swing etc) and thought that if a kid wanted to do a swing turn they could just move the Motors independently. However, once you have configured the Drivetrain, there doesn’t seem to be the option of controlling the Motors independently. Perhaps I am missing something? (It has literally been the first 5 minutes of playing :stuck_out_tongue: ) Would be glad to be put right :smiley:
Thanks :slight_smile: