Drivetrain not going on coast even after coding it to do so

In our program we bring the robot back to the other side. The issue with our code is that if we want to slide it back into position we need to make the drive train coast. The issue is that even after adding a 1 second timeout and adding a set drive to the coast. It still won’t change to the coast. Here are screen shots of the code. We code in python, but we converted it to block just to make it easier for some people.

IQ motors can be a little weird.

The stop mode will not be used directly when calling set_stopping, it will be used when the next spin command is sent, so best bet is to use (stop just being spin with a velocity of 0)


If the drivetrain is a SmartDrive (ie. using inertial sensor) then this may not even be necessary, once the turn is complete the drivetrain will use what ever set_stopping mode was previously set (which would be COAST if no other mode has been set). If the drivetrain does not use inertial sensor, then when the turn completes the motors will always be set to HOLD, that’s just a feature of the motor.


There may be too much friction and that would mean that even in coast it’ll stop quickly.

If not, try to restart the brain and Vex CodeIQ. Maybe that’ll help