Drivetrain not going straight

Hey another programming question (like my 10th one

PID :open_mouth:

Due to variations in fabrication. Too much or too little friction compared to the other side of the drive. I would just try to deal with it in driver control, and adjust the drive power in your code for auto

How could we adjust for it when it is inconsistent and it doesn’t happen every time?

Oh gosh i just realized this sounded rude im sorry was not intended

It’s fine, Iknow how frustuating it must be. I would check to see if yiur axles are in the motor proper. That was an issue that i had which caused around 20% imbalance, which dropped to around 7% once I fixed it.

Ok thanks, I’ll check that tomorrow if that doesn’t fix it anything else as another precaution?

I would check each motor to see if the teeth are broken or stripped. This might cause them to output less power.

Also, check for friction in your drive, if one side has tighter spacing then the other it will cause that side to run slower, another thing to check for is bent axles could cause one side to run slower than the others.

But it drives straight but it one side starts before the other causing it to veer off but after it starts up it goes straight.

so from what im understanding the drive is jumping to one side as soon as it starts and then it drives straight after that?

Lag? It sounds like a programming error check your controls, battery and connections

Correct! How do i fix that?

And is this at the start of autonomous where it jumps or is it anytime you move the robot from a stop?

Usually at the start of auton, but it has happened before where it does it whenever it stops. But almost 80% of the time it jumps at the start not usually during auton.

Loose wire connection maybe? Sounds trivial, but I’ve seen it happen.

checked that wires are good

BTW I’m using V5 forgot to say that earlier

V5: bug central. If it’s a hardware problem, maybe @jpearman can help you out.