Drivetrain seriously overshooting

I have a simple drive forward then turn right for 90 deg code.
The drivetrain goes more like 120 deg
What can I do to fix this?

Although it’s not the most ideal solution, you could reduce the 90, until the robot actually turns 90 degrees.

Other solutions could be: making sure the wheels have the same stress, and use the same type (colour) of motor, or incorporating a gyro sensor.


do you have the size of your drive train set up properly in the devise manager?
(this person is having a similar problem as you Robot turns less than 90 degrees, even though in the program it's supposed to turn 90 degrees)

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It seems you are having several issues with your drivetrain and programming as it relates to the autonomous challenge. It seems you have started approximately 6 similar threads in the last 3 days. In order to help you better, it would be good to have a single thread trying to correct your challenges so that readers will have ‘the whole story’ instead of 6 or more fragments in different threads. I think you will find more success if you can keep your troubleshooting in a single thread.


Like StuartV said, the easiest way to fix this (in my experience) is to just change the number until you figure out how many degrees in code is 90 degrees in reality. Due to many variables, getting 90 degrees in code to match reality is pretty difficult. I would just figure out how many in code is 90 in reality, and make note of that number and use that instead of 90 in code whenever you want to make a 90 degree turn.


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