Drivetrain Settings

Random thought that just popped into my mind. If i don’t configure this correctly, will it have an effect on my auton?

Yes – the track width and wheel base are used to calculate how far the motors need to spin to get the robot to turn a given amount, so if those values are incorrect the robot will not behave as expected.

You may find that, even after entering the correct values for track width and wheelbase, the robot still doesn’t turn the amount you tell it to. That’s normal, there are other factors that matter in that calculation besides just those two numbers. Some tuning of the track width and wheelbase values may be required to get the robot to turn the desired amount.

Or you could add a gyro to the robot, then the drivetrain code can directly measure how far the robot has turned rather than trying to convert to wheel degrees based on the track width and wheelbase.


if you have a gyro/ inertial sensor attached, does it still effect the turn? because it will use the gyro/ inertial to see the true angle

If you add a gyro to the drivetrain, the track width and wheelbase are not used – the boxes for those values disappear from the configuration menu altogether.


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SO ur saying if I use a gyro,i dont have to configure those values?

If you use a gyro, you don’t have to configure the wheelbase or track width.

You should still make sure that the “Wheel Size” and “Gear Ratio” are correct, as those affect how the robot behaves when driving straight. But it’s less common for those to be different from the default values.


thanks alot
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