Drivetrain speed

I would love to get some opinions on drivetrain speeds.

We have a basic understanding of gear ratios, driving gear vs driven gear etc. When we apply this theory to a drivetrain however we mainly get omni wheels that are spinning way to fast to get any traction, so even basic things like pushing an H-drive wheel in the center if it isn’t perfectly placed on a black bi directional.

What am I missing? What do the drivetrains on robots like this look like?

While I don’t want it to be that fast necessarily (we can barely drive it slow) I would like a happy medium.

I would assume that it would be one to one. However, that’s edr where people are competing against each other. Since u work together in iq, I would suggest gearing speed 3:1. You don’t need to care about the amount of torque on the chassis and 3:1 generally doesn’t have a lot of slip.

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What gear ratio are you currently using?

Our IQ team has always used omni wheels ever since they got started with Ringmaster and haven’t had that issue. Our robot last year started out 1:1, then moved to 3:2, then ended up with 2:1.

That’s all subjective and relative. It’s really up to your drivers. Once they get used to the robot going a certain speed, it becomes normal. When our team moved to 2:1 all the drivers noticed the speed increase. But as they got used to it, that became normal speed.

I would suggest a 3:2 (gears will be offset) and gradually move up as the drivers get used to it over the season.

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I would build the drivetrain with a 1:1 gear ratio. Then via programming start at say 50% speed and as drivers get better increase that limit. If they get to 100% speed and they feel it is too slow, then start experimenting with other gear ratios

The X drive is complicated but it moves a little faster than a standard 4 wheel or H-drive.

Thanks everyone for the responses I believe we have got it figured out with your help.

If you go with the standard 4 wheel remember
Ya gotta get dat tank drive for Crispay movement

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