Drivetrain type? Tower takeover

Yes I think I did lemme check

Yes I did do that wrong but it can no long longer to changed

Traction and omni or other

I drive that rotates each wheel and has its own drive motor

Chaining drivetrain is wack, always scared it’ll break.

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that’s a swerve drive. no idea where you got the name crab drive from…

Have the motors attached directly to the wheels then chain the wheels together so if the chain breaks it’s basically just a direct drive while you still have the benefits of a chain drive.

But what are the benefits of a chain drive?

So if all your motors are chained together and a wheel starts slipping or gets raised off of the floor the energy from those motors is transferred to the wheels that still do have strong traction. It really helps with climbing and pushing. It’s just more efficient.


on top of that it helps with robots that have uneven weight distribution. say your bot is front heavy. If you don’t chain your drive your front motors are undergoing more stress than your back ones. The chain helps even that load so the motors overheat more slowly and more evenly (if that’s the right way to put it I’m not sure)
EDIT: your robot’s CoG should not be significantly offset to the left or right. Then there would be no way of making up for it except for weighting the lighter side.


It can drive the robot as if it were a crab.

Isn’t that just an H drive

No, swerve drives look like this:image
While H-drives look like this: image


so can an h drive, an x drive, and a mecanum drive. These drives can also move in directions similar to most large animals on earth. if you made a base with 8 legs and pincers that crawls side to side, then the term crab drive would be acceptable. otherwise, stick to using good terminology please.


yes that was what I was referring to swerve drive, but as a mentioned it’s able to drive the robot like a crab.

I dont see swerve drives being good with v5, since at that point you’re just wasting so many motors.


this is a terrible idea but you could use ratchets so that one motor = one powered wheel since swivel wheels only need to be powered in one direction so long is wasn’t swiveled in reverse


There are designs that allow you to group the rotation, but it’s not really viable. You see swerve drives much more in frc because the motors aren’t as valuable


you could theoretically use just one motor for the swerving, but like everyone else has said it’s not really viable.

Yes you would be at minimum using 5 motors for the system. If not even more, while sarcifcing power, and agility, however I have heard of a team last year for turning point, who did do it at worlds, it’s interesting how they would get to the tower.