Drivetrain type? Tower takeover

I dont see swerve drives being good with v5, since at that point you’re just wasting so many motors.


this is a terrible idea but you could use ratchets so that one motor = one powered wheel since swivel wheels only need to be powered in one direction so long is wasn’t swiveled in reverse


There are designs that allow you to group the rotation, but it’s not really viable. You see swerve drives much more in frc because the motors aren’t as valuable


you could theoretically use just one motor for the swerving, but like everyone else has said it’s not really viable.

Yes you would be at minimum using 5 motors for the system. If not even more, while sarcifcing power, and agility, however I have heard of a team last year for turning point, who did do it at worlds, it’s interesting how they would get to the tower.

Hold on, you could do 2 motors for the whole rig. (1) for grouped rotation, (2) bevel gears (that drive the wheels) coming up through the turntables and chained together, powered by the second motor.

wouldnt that mean the bot wouldn’t be able to rotate though?

As I noted earlier, it would be possible to only use one motor per wheel, meaning you could have a two motor swerve drive. It would be really impractical since you’d often need to rotate 180+ degrees, but it would work

Ah, true. Minimum would then be 3, as you’d have to chain the rotation across from each other (an X pattern) and have those individually controlled. Better off going with an X drive :smile: