Drivetrain user control power change

We would like to reduce the power level of the drivetrain while using the remote. All we can figure out is how to reduce the power of the drivetrain while programming auton. With the controller, however, it is another story.

Is there a way to use a drivetrain only in Auton and not in usercontrol? Or, is there a way to independently control the motor being used in the drivetrain?

Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

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What is your current code?

We have tried many things. Keep in mind that we have set up a drive train and have selected the controller buttons for the drivetrain. If we put “set drive velocity to 50%” as shown below in the “when started”, then it doesn’t seem to respond at all. If we put it in “when driver control”, then it clearly responds to the command, but it is very erratic for some reason. Our only solution, so far, is to abandon the drivetrain and control the motors individually. However, we don’t really want to give up the usefulness of the drivetrain during the auton just because we can’t figure out a way to reduce the speed of the drivetrain during the user control. Are we doing something wrong? Thanks.


The blocks team didn’t really expose enough functionality to let you do what you want. Set Drive velocity is not used when a controller has the drive assigned to it, there is no way to reduce the drive speed (well, you could change the gear cartridge but that will mess up auton turns etc.). VEXcode text will give you much more flexibility as you have access to the drivetrain motors.

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Thanks for the info. We will control the motors individually and not worry about creating and using a drivetrain. Maybe Vex Blocks can include the feature of adjusting drivetrain power levels for the controller in future updates. Thanks!

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