Drivetrain with 2 controllers

Our team has been using a 2 controller set up for this season and have recently gotten access to a GPS sensor and begun testing it. From what our coder has said it’s easier to code the gps sensor when we have the bot set up as a drivetrain, but when we have a drivetrain and 2 controllers the robot doesn’t move when we move the joysticks. Does anyone have any experience or advice to try to solve this?

I think have seen this before. Pretty much the issue is that your program is fighting with itself. When the gps is enabled, the joysticks cannot work, because the gps has control of the robot. I do not know what sort of code you are using, and what style of drive, but what you want to do is have a Boolean that will either allow the driver or the gps to have control of the robot. If you post your code, I can also have a look at it.

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