Drivetrain's for over under

What is everyone thinking about how powerful and fast a drivetrain needs to be viable this season after watching MOA. I noticed a lot of pushing matches but with descorers, blockers, lifts, intakes, and shooters fewer motors with more torque might be better than more motors with more speed.

  • 33W
  • 44W
  • 55W
  • 66W
  • 77W
  • 88W
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With speed I’m thinking that faster might not be better because of how little room to move around there is. But on the other side maneuverability is very important because of how chaotic matches can get.

  • 40-50 inches/second
  • 50-55 inches/second
  • 55-60 inches/second
  • 60-70 inches/second
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