driving configs for ITZ

what are most people using for driving configs specifically for a dr4b with a secondary lift
which driver do you have doing what and if you only have one driver… HOW??
are most people using macros or what

I just have a single joystick. It works fine for me, but if you want to be effecient you need to have a lot of practice.

I have duel controllers. On one controller it has the base drive and mobile goal lift and on the other it has the dr4b, secondary lift and roller intake.

Its perfectly possible to drive well with one controller if you practice.
of course well made macros make driving any robot a whole lot easier.

My team has two drivers for our robot where one driver controls the lower body (drive train, mobile goal) and the other driver controls upper body (roller intake, chainbar, linear gear elevator). Like what other people said in this thread before me, driving a robot with one controller is possible with macros, decent autostack, and practice.