Driving into opponents area

I haven’t found the specifics, but I am assuming robots may NOT cross over into an opponent’s area during the autonomous round, but may do so during driver control. Am I correct?

Yes. Read the rulebook.

From the Game Manual


Not specific as to what “yes” means - do you mean it is allowed? or it is a violation…

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It is a violation to drive over the line during autonomous, but not during driver control.

Ok I saw the autonomous mode part - missed during driver mode … Gotta read a little deeper :slight_smile:

So is parking on top of the Yellow Platform during autonomous legal? Or can you only park on your platform during autonomous?

You can only park on your own alliance platform during autonomous.

The act of being Center Parked is explicitly against the rules. The penalty is that the autonomous bonus goes to the other alliance.

from the Game Manual <SG3> about consequence of violations:

In the future, please read the rulebook and use control f to find the specific rule you’re asking about before posting on the forum. It just helps to keep clutter down. Thanks!