driving over elements

what are your thoughts on driving over elements??

I think its a plus, but really only necessary when there is an object blocking a goal. Definitely do it if you can, though

In what application did you mean?

in my new design we desided to add this because there are thos annoying teams who just push elements in front of goals. so now we can just drive over them:)

Awww, man, I’m jealous. I would definitely do it if we could, but that’s a huge change now

Be sure that you don’t damage them though; you don’t want to be disqualified. I can definitely see a heavy robot denting and creasing the corner of a barrel.

I know there are benefits to driving over objects, but there are disadvantages also. I had my robot be able to drive over pieces for a while and found that you can not push pieces at all, which was a huge pain when plowing through the wall of pieces.

if u lower your intake

Our team, 4886a, was totally designed around driving over objects. Its pretty nice, not many bots have that feature. Since we built our bot, it has been used in every match that we have competed in.

I toyed with an idea earlier this season. I didnt do it because I am poor and do not have the materials :stuck_out_tongue: but…
I was thinking of having an open base designed to fo over objects, but with pneumatics on each side that could close the middle and enable to push.

Driving over objects is extremely convenient. In addition to things that have been mentioned previously, you can plow through the pyramid in interaction and score on your opponent’s low goal right off the bat. We usually get the bottom object in all three interaction circular goals. :smiley:

Although it takes bit of effort to implement, “floating” (as I like to call it) over game objects is an invaluable feature. It’s a bit more difficult to push game objects around when our arm is up, but that’s what strafing is for.

We are currently building a robot that should be able to drive over items. I think that it will be quite helpful when driving.