driving over elements

Driving over elements. Is this useful?

Most “NZ” bots seem to find it useful as it allows them to drive right up to any goal even if there are game objects pushed in front of it

It is VERY usefull. Like what MetalJacket325

It is really annoying to go score, and there is a pile of objects in the way. You then have to go plow through all the objects pushing them past the goal, then you have to back up and then score. By then, another robot could have scored in that goal!

So, in conclusion, I think being able to drive over game objects is a great plus for your team!

Driving over objects has its advantages and disadvantages.

-drive over objects in front of goals

-harder to make a stable chassis
-harder to push objects if you want to push them
-multiple objects in front of goals are still a pain

In general I feel like there are other more advantageous ways to be able to score on a goal when there are objects in front of them.

This is true. We tried to drive over objects, and even after reinforcing it, the chassis remained unstable. And unless you make your drive base VERY WELL, you’ll have a hard time driving more than one object.

However, I have my chassis constructed so that I can still have an object between the goal and my robot and score. (the connecting pieces are WAY towards the back).

4405B finds this ability rather useful. It is harder to build a stable drive subsystem but I definitely think it is better in the long run. The ability to drive over objects in the act of scoring saves so much time.

Didn’t you already ask this? https://vexforum.com/t/driving-over-elements/20894/1&highlight=driving+objects :confused:

To add to this, the field can get very messy very quickly (especially in the center of the interaction zone), so being able to ignore a massive pile of objects if we want to get by (and pick them up if we don’t) is important to navigate quickly. 1437z has used a hollow chassis since November, and, in trying to make our chassis stable, we have had to put a lot of work into our design and construction. We feel that it’s worth it.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, check out our reveal at https://vexforum.com/t/team-1437z-worlds-reveal/21315/1.

Couldn’t have said it better myself, 100% true. The marginal benefit of an elevated chassis overwhelmingly outweighs the marginal cost – plus, there is no cost (such a unstable chassis) if it’s well built.

The only stability/strength issues we are having is that our drive base likes going pigeon-toed (because of our support structure), but other than that it is quite stable.

It’s definitely going to be very useful for maneuvering.

What if you had a Mecanum drive where you could drive over objects both sideways and from the front? Would be interesting because objects would probably never get in the way.

Somthing that 10D has found usefull is that we have a slanted front plate on our chassis so that the objects just get pushed up and out of the way.

Yeah 1492X has found the taper extremely useful since we first used it in December. A horizontal taper also helps squeeze into corners, not so sure about a vertical taper.

Ya, since our NZ intake reaches far enough out, we have found that with just our horizontal taper it allows us to drive and score anywhere. It also helps us push :stuck_out_tongue: it really helps because of our transmission

Since your taper is pretty much a mini ramp, does it have any legality issues? What happens if a robot drives up the taper and tips? XD

We have never had any legality issues, because the taper is steep enough to just lift 2 wheels barely off the ground, and we make sure that we do not raise the arm, we have never tipped anyone even when pushing them while their arm was up, so in short, no :smiley: