Driving Skill Tips

Hey forum!

What are valuable driving skill tips that you can share with the whole community?

Are there any specific processes that helps you improve your practice even more?

Set time limits for different actions so you don’t spend all your time on 1 object. Have a plan and separate it into time segments. it makes it so you waste less time and are more effective in the driving .

The biggest suggestion I have heard is to do full driver skills runs over and over. That is what makes people great drivers. Real conditions will always prepare you more.

If you’re a beginner, be gentle on the joysticks for your drive. Gunning it from -127 to 127 is going to, firstly, strain your base, and secondly, make the robot harder to handle. Use fine movements, especially when you’re first getting acquainted. Other than that, just practice.

Just to quickly respond to @Aponthis 's point:

If you do find yourself doing that rapid joystick movement, look into implementing slew rate control. It’s a little advanced, but it will help ensure you don’t wear down your internal gears.

As for driver control tips, I would recommend practicing in specific situations. Obviously the first step is a “feel” for the drive; ie, you should instantly be able to get to any point from where you start. After that, however, you should start practicing maneuvers like fence knocking, clearing under-fence jams, aligning for hanging, blocking an opponent, and intaking from the sides/corners. The idea is that with enough practice, you will no longer have to think in the “present”, and can instead think ahead to your next moves. This, in my limited experience, is the ability that separates a good driver from a great one.

I would also suggest to program to what makes you feel most comfortable and easiest to understand. I have seen a lot of people use both joysticks for driving, one for each side of their bot, but I find it easier to just use one joystick. For me this makes it easier specifically for turns. Programming difficulty should not be something you worry about, because no matter how wacky your controls may be, you can code it.
Just sort of experiment with the different options.

Practice, Practice, Practice

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To add to this, practice more and more and more

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Keep track of your practice run times, combinations of drivers, and scores. This is very helpful material for your notebooks. If you set up a specific course layout, why did you do that? (like to practice knocking off the stars form the fence or getting the cube over and into the far zone)

Here are a few tips:

  1. If your competing with only one robot, try to simulate an active match. Have people on the other side of the fence periodically toss stars back over. this will keep you from running out of stars and give you a sense of awareness.

  2. split your side of the fence into 2. That way each robot has its own side. Also when doing this, try not to cross through the middle. You’ll want to stay out of your ally’s way to avoid entanglement and collisions.

  3. practice driving from where autonomous ends. No one will start back on their red/blue tiles so you need to be able to drive the robot in any position.

These are very good tips, guys. For VEX U teams, a good practice would be what @tabor473 said. Practice driver skill runs over and over. It should be effective since in VEX U, you’re the only robot in your field.

Repetition is the key to success. You can’t stress that enough. Drill skills runs for hundreds of hours if that’s what it takes to get it just right every time.

SMOOTH, practice until you can drive SMOOTH.

Same goes for Programming Skills, except maybe even more. I watched the team with the highest world score in Elevation conduct hundreds of test runs. The team member who did most of the field reset might have been more valuable than the programmer. :slight_smile:

Be like Sam from 60x, practice for like 100 hours. lol