Driving Strats in Notebook

Something I was recently told would help my notebook is driver strategies. Though we must have them I want to find a way to better document them because they are only strategies they are better written. I could show on mini fields but they are for qualification matches/elims so it is not as easy as showing a skills strategy. Has anyone else done this before?

Also, I know some easier ways todo this, bullet points, highlighters, etc. but I am trying to find a way to get around the wordiness I often fall victim to in my notebook.

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we just draw diagrams and give a short explanation of what its pros and cons are/ when we would use it. you can do this many different ways, you can draw a small section of the field and show a situation, you can write the main objective of it than draw the desired outcome. there are a lot of ways to do this, so be creative, just make sure it all makes sense.


Drills with recorded data for time-to-complete and driver reflections. For instance, when platting a goal, from a specific place on the field, how regularly can they do it (even with rings in the way), and with what time to completion.

Practice driving a full and partial load up onto the platform from different positions (in front of the platform and halfway across the field). Collect times so you know how fast they can reasonably reach the platform from various positions.

If there is a ring under the platform and it cannot be lowered enough, how much time does it take to drive around the platform and try the other side? You can run drills and collect data, showing improvements and an optimal time to try the strat (like 10s remaining).

You can include data about performance in different post-auton situations. Review footage of bots similar to yours and identify the different things they go for immediately after autonomous, and the success rates of each strategy. Then review your own strategies and quantify the success rate of each strategy. If you want to go further, have different strategies when you are carrying vs when you are part of a strong alliance. Note what to do if you have the goal advantage or if your opponents have the goal advantage.

Data tables speak louder than words and show more information in less space, and judges like reading it over paragraph after paragraph of wordy writing.

If you want even more space used by these topics, then include scatter, bar, or pie charts appropriately.

Outside of data, other ways to represent strategies might be flowcharts, showing your decision making given different circumstances. This can work for skills (given certain time thresholds for each split decision), or for driver (given different parameters)


would you do something like “if auton fail go for this goal then this to…”? or something similar? im just trying to get a visual since with qualification matches it seems hard to show on field since it can change in an instant

So generally post-auton can be prepared for and @30s is another good point at which you can refer to a flowchart.

For the post-auton, I would have a 2v1, 1v2, 3v0, 0v3, 1v1, etc for each possible distribution of who has which yellow. Some of them may converge into the same gameplan, some may not. Then from there, you have to identify (through reviewing matches) what actions are most beneficial. You can describe what offense and what defensive actions should be taken, and if you need to communicate anything to your partner.

Edit: I would try drafting some up as preliminary, and then drafting up new ones on later pages to show its evolution. Even a cruddy one at first can evolve into a better one and show the judges what you actually do during matches.

This is extremely good advice - judges don’t necessarily have time to read through 300 pages of dense writing at a competition. Pictures, diagrams, and charts can be eye-catching and convey more to a judge in a shorter period of time than a dense paragraph


For the drawings, I would suggest the stencil from 3D printed tools to make good drawings of the field fast


I used a field image that I got from the Internet, took a screenshot, and drew my driver and auton skills route on them. This works really nicely for showing your route for skills runs, but not so much for qualification/elimination matches. You could reference past tournaments to show which driving strategies worked well (getting possession of mogos, aggressive, defensive, turtle strat, etc)