Driving to Council Bluffs Iowa...

… is interesting. My daughter remarked that it was cool to see the inspiration for the farm house in Courage the Cowardly Dog, for instance.courage-farm.jpg

All the best to the EC3 teams!

And see you guys soon on 18 Apr!

Welcome to Council Bluffs tomorrow and we will see you at the center. The Mid-American center is pretty much been transformed from an IQ venue to VRC tonight as things are being prepared for your arrival tomorrow. Stop by 3018, a local team, and say “Hi” and I or any of my students can fill you in on the local area.

We look forward to seeing all your eager competitors on the 18th!

Thanks very much!

Here’s a question: What’s the story with the four sculpurers on the 24th street highway bridge over I-29 near the Mid-America Center?

If you line them up right, it looks like a game of Katamari Damacy gone large. Interesting.

@kypro, they were lsft over materials from the construction of the bridge, they gave them to an artist who used them to make that

Yeah, most of us locally are not that proud of the artist work. I think they could have come up with something so much better. It looks like a bunch of scrap metal.