Driving Up Ramp with 6 Motors

Our team made a 6 motor drivetrain with 5:3 gear ratio for speed, but it suffers to go up the ramp due to lack of torque. Does any team have the same configuration as ours? What will be the optimal gear ratio to use for a 6 motor drive train?

are you running standard 200 rpm green motor cartridges?

yes. we are using green cartridge

what size wheels?
20 char is un cool

Are you sure nothing is rubbing against the ground while you try and platform? That should work fine.

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nothing else touching the floor~

4" onmi wheels. 4 wheels

Oh that’s probably why. 333rpm is far too fast on 4" wheels. I wouldn’t go faster than 280rpm. A quick fix might be to use 3.25" wheels if that doesn’t mess anything else up.


yeah, that’s what we are planning to do right now. thanks!


you honestly should be fine with 6m

I’ve been obsessing with this new idea lately: 600 rpm drive, geared 2:5 (12:30) for 240 rpm output.
240 rpm should work great for 4" wheels.

That isn’t possible with gears, you would have to use chain. 257 is a similar drive speed that is easily done with gears.

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Yes, it would be a chain drive.

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