Drone with new motors


I was wondering about the possibility of making a vex drone with the announcement of the new motors. I know that in the past, the v5 motor were too heavy to lift off the ground ( even with a tether to a brain/battery/radio base). Will these new motors be light enough to make it work?

maybe if you like disassemble the brain to remove all the excess plastic and hack together a light battery.

I think a quadcopter is definitely not gonna be possible even with the new weaker motors. But I believe it may be likely you could make an rc plane with enough thrust.


I think the new motors probably have a worse power/weight ratio than the normal v5 motors, so I would say no.

with some minor modifications to the normal v5 motors (say, the removal of a cartridge so that you don’t have to gear down back up the motors externally) I still think it could be possible to make a tethered drone (keep the brain and battery on the ground.)


I was thinking of using the strategy of using really long cords on the brain so you don’t have to lift the brain radio and battery.

I don’t think a drone would work but I would have to agree with the possibility of an RC plane like Conner stated although I still think it’s unlikely to work.

I still like the idea of a vex blimp.


I take everything I said beforehand back… this is the truth

Xenon is correct. Until VEX releases a brushless motor and a control system that weighs less than a pound, a true flying drone is impossible.



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