is it possible to build a flying drone,if so is it allowed?

no the ratio of power to weight of motors aint enoughf pluss there are already threads for such things
and why r u starting so many topics
also this is iq right???


1.There was a post a couple weeks ago a person talking about a drone they closed it and I can’t find so I typed all of this out to see if it brought up a topic it didn’t
2.Because I can
3.Yes this is vex iq general discussion

yesit is alowed just keep in mind you cant fly out of the stadium and the 15" could be a problem if if ur arm is on the botom of ur robot

but if u add baloons as a “decoration” the helium could help


That was probably what I would do

the real thing would be convincing the refs but why ud u want a drone in sa

Shouldnt the decorations be non functional?

they would be non functional for the purpose of the game

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