DRow Alliance 2019-2020 - Accepting Applications


DRow Alliance 2019-2020 Season

DRow Alliance Advertisement - 2019

Hi all,

I am proud to announce that the DRow Alliance is opening applications for the 2019-2020 season, for High School, Middle School, and VEXU. We had great success last season, getting several shoutouts at VEX Worlds 2019 (compilation in Additional Media) and since we are in the game reveal, the DRow for GDC campaign will continue into the Tower Takeover season.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me, or reply to this thread. Honestly, this entire thing all started when I got bored, and now it has evolved into more than I would have ever imagined. Thank you all for making that possible.

Requirements for joining:

  • Have some sort of official DRow for GDC Campaign promotion on your robot
  • Support DRow for GDC

Process of joining:

  • Make sure it is okay with both the entirety of your team, and mentor, to be listed as a member.
  • Either in this thread, or on #drow-sticker-pics in our discord server linked below, post a picture of your robot with a DRow for GDC Campaign Image on it (link below to a folder with all images if you wish to print your own.)

Duties of alliance members are as follows:

  • Responsibly promote the DRow for GDC Campaign
  • Don’t violate G1, as this gives us a bad rep. Your team will be removed if you do so.

Additional Media:

Thanks, and good luck in the coming season!
DRow for GDC Campaign Manager




What about middle schools

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I would love to join, but I’m in middle school, so would I be ineligible, just like last season?

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I would see no reason not to allow middle school, I just never assumed there were many who would want to join.



Realistically we would have to convince our mentor, so… maybe not



Can we please not add tags to this thread just for the sake of doing so?

  • #worlds-2019 should be reserved for threads that would be valuable in preparation for future Worlds, especially to teams that will be attending Worlds for the first time. This includes robot reveals that showcase the level of competition one might expect at Worlds, questions about the logistics and setup of Worlds, and showing some of the controversies that arise from Worlds.
  • #drow-for-gdc really does not need to exist as a tag. Tags are a way to group together a large number of threads that fall under a single umbrella but generally span multiple categories. Tags supply a key search filter for cases where a simple search is not likely to return satisfactory results, or they provide a different method altogether of “searching” for threads for general research without a singular topic in mind. The “DRow for GDC” campaign meme is a highly specific topic that can be easily searched for as is, without the tag.


Could you take this into DMs with the people who are editing the tags instead of responding to this thread?

Edit: Since we are already off topic, I used the tag #worlds-2019 because of the videos attached, summarizing our success at VEX Worlds 2019, including all of the alliances robots, and pictures from Worlds 2019 in the “additional media” section. I agree with your removal of #drow-for-gdc, I assumed tags were just search terms.



I’m in. But first I’ll have to build a robot to put DRow for GDC on.



My team said it’d be really cool if we could join. I got some DRow stuff at worlds this year so putting it on our robot shouldn’t be an issue! My team is 1826Z The Fuse.

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Unfortunately I can’t see who is adding the tags. Also, posting publicly means others who may not have received the private message but might otherwise change the tags in the future can see the message.

But yes, I understand wanting to keep the thread on-topic. I tried to minimize intrusion as much as possible by using Hide Details.



We also have a C-channel signed by DRow himself that we are putting on the bot when it is done being built.

my team is 1233A!!!



I guess they never miss huh? :wink:
I put a DRow for GDC sticker on my Brain screen cover so it is easily transferrable to the robots that I would build for TT season :slight_smile:



whoa that’s a genuine knowlege sticker!



Our team would love to join. A lot of the people on our team were on 2602H last year as well