DRow for GDG Flag and Merch

So we all want @DRow for GDC, right? Now where do I get my hands on the merch for that stuff? A basic google search came up with nothing. If anyone’s got a link to an Etsy or something please add it below.


Not certain there is merch… yet…

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Right now I don’t believe we’re taking orders for anything. I’m assuming they’ll open up sometime closer to worlds but Jack from 574 is the one that handles order stuff. Fyi there’s a hoodie, rectangular stickers (which I believe won’t be sold again) and circle stickers.

If you’re in the DRow Alliance there are DRow Alliance hoodies. But if you want them godly stickers I’d assume that you would need to qualify for worlds in order to get your hands on the stickers. But if you’re impatient you should be able to find DRow for GDC pictures somewhere and buy your own stickers from a company like vistaprint.


Just make your own stuff, it’s surprisingly easy!