DRow I'm sorry

I made this forum to apologize to the people and moderators I’ve annoyed in my slight tangent. I deeply thought through my actions and know that I’m wasting DRows time. Like someone said this isn’t a social network. Once again, this probably will get removed but hopefully he at least reads it to know enough I didn’t mean to annoy anybody. Please enjoy the rest of your week.
A really great place to go to if you’re into talking about VEX related stuff, but also like to include a dash of humor is Amino. I’m pretty sure there is a VEX amino, and it’s more a social network. Once again, I apologize.


Well, we all live and learn


We all make mistakes. That’s what we’re here for, aren’t we? We go through times with problem solving, and make mistakes along the way. As long as you correct them the next/time after, you’re fine. @Euphoriia no hard feelings, I’m sure the community can come together to forgive each other.


Agreed. I used to be infamous for reviving dead threads but u dont see everyone making threads bout hating me and wanting to ban me for eternity

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Nah, I just finished reading the entire Tower Takeover Memes forum and found this at the end.


You couldn’t say it any better than that