Dual-Controller Connection Issues

My team is currently working on our code (Vex Blocks), and we are having some issues. We have hooked up two controllers via a tether and have connected one of them to the brain. We made controller 1 control the driving and controller 2 control the buttons for arm, claw, etc. We just added two controllers through the devices menu and selected the pre-installed driving software. When running the code, our second controller works perfectly fine, but the first does not; there is no response when moving the joysticks. We checked the battery of the controller, connectivity, radio, etc. but found no errors. Any ideas as to why this may be?
Thanks for the help!

did you keep the two controllers connected via wire?

did you try changing which controller is controller 1?

did you try using a different code?

Both of the controllers were connected via a wire. We did not try changing which controller was controller 1, perhaps that is something to look at. We were using blocks at the time, however we may experiment with different programs in the future. At the time we just used the built-in driver control, and that worked fine for that tournament.