dual controller help

can you use two regular vexnet joysticks connected by the tether to do dual controller as opposed to 1 vexnet joystick and another partner joystick? The reason i am asking is that i have 2 vexnet and do not have a partner joystick.

And is there a way to avoid buying the partner cable and just modify a regular telephone cable to work?

Yes to your first question.

To the second, we literally grabbed a coiled handset cable from an old phone and used it. The VEX ones aren’t anything special. I don’t know what type of cable you have, but if you have an old corded phone, the handset cable will work.

Yeah that’s what I was told too. But all the cables I found were too large

same here and when i filed down one of those cables so they would fit (same number of pins just more plastic) and tried it it did not work. I just plug it into partner on both the main and the secondary controller right?

what is the procedure for starting the controllers. Just connect the 2 controllers with the partner ports and then start the cortex and then turn on both controllers?

ok i got it. By handset cable you mean the cable that goes between the old style phone base and the actual hand set that you hold up to your ear. I think the other cable i was using was a crossover cable and so it was not working.

You just turn the cortex on and then turn on the 2 connected controllers and it just works.

Thanks for your help everyone.