Dual Drivers

Hello. For my robot, we wish to have a dual driver setup. We intend to have the main controller control the drive and the partner joystick control the lift. However, in case we were to have a dead controller, something comes unplugged, or something else failing we want to have it so the main controller has the functionality of the full robot but will only operate all parts in case of failure. Is this too confusing?

Main Controller: Drive control and lift control (full control)

Secondary Controller: Lift control only.

Help/ sample coding would be greatly appreciated. When we tried to do this normally, the lift motors would cut in and out quickly and was not good enough.

So what you want to do is detect the second controller is not plugged in and switch over to code for the first controller. In Pseudo code it would be something like.

if( Controller 2 is present )
    Control using the second controller
    Control using the backup (first) controller
end if

See code in this post, it more or less explains how to do that.


Yes, there are multiple ways to do this. Our main controller uses buttons to control the lift and intake, and second controller can use joystick to achieve precise movement of lift and intake when the main controller is not giving orders. Something to consider about.