Dual Flywheel - Compression

For those using dual flywheels, how much are you compressing the balls? If you have changed it, have you seen improvement in accuracy, battery life or not tripping PTCs.

At our last practice the team I coach ran a control accuracy test with their current setup, that compressed the balls to 3". They then reduced the compression by making the opening 3.5" but we ran out of time before we could conduct the experiment again. Their expectation is to see the accuracy improve by reducing the area the shots are landing in.

Are you testing average at same fire rate or how is everything other than compression held constant.

3 inches sounds like you were compressing the ball a ton so I would assume drastic improvement in the new test.

Yes we used around 3.5 and we didn’t trip the ptcs during any of our matches. 3 sounds like too much for the wheels to handle and probably is forcing the wheels to do too much

First thing to understand is I coach a middle school team, so we aren’t as sophisticated. The test methodology was fairly simple… get 20 random balls and a fully charged battery. Start launching balls one at a time with a 5 count in between. Team members used post it notes to mark where the balls land on the floor. After 20 balls measure the area that the balls fell into. That was the control. The launcher has been modified to move the flywheel out/apart 1 hole and add a 12 tooth gear as an idler. This saved them from having to move the entire gear train and all the motors. The next test will use the same 20 balls and a fully charged battery and again mark where the balls fall. Then measure the area and compare.

How far was it shooting before with the 3in compression and how many out of the 20 balls did it shoot before it burned out?

I pity the axles that had to strain for 1" of compression :P. I am not too knowledgable about dual flywheels, but with single flywheels most teams aim for around 0.25" of compression. Several teams have experimented with adjusting the compression of a dual flywheel to <0.5 using sprockets, rubber bands, etc. I know that the compression for any flywheel should not exceed 0.5", but I am very curious as to what compression value is optimal for a dual flywheel setup.

It would both undershoot and overshoot the high goal. The length of the area the balls all fell in, measured parallel to the direct they were shooting, was 106". This explains why they only have an accuracy of about 30% in their last tournament. It shot all 20 balls. In last weekends tournament the launcher shot all the driver control loads without tripping out PTCs with the 3" opening in every match.

Me too :wink:

I would test lots of different lengths, maybe starting at 3.75 inches. If that is too much width, then close in from there.