Dual flywheel overheat help

Hi, i made a dual flywheel for this years competition but it keeps overheating after a short time. i have a 1-25 gear ratio with 6 motors in torque. is there a trick to keeps motors from overheating? what can i do to reduce friction?Thanks in advance

Try using Slew Rate Control.
It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just make it get the job done.

Use the joystick for easy acceleration up and down while you’re in the testing stage. We found this really effective for finding the power for half court, 3/4, etc. Use slew rate after you have your perfect launcher. But, if you can quickly slap together an acceleration deceleration program, have at it :slight_smile:

Remember, as TOSS_BOSSES said, friction is most likely your enemy. Use WD-40 (or maybe something else you can find at Walmart or Amazon), and don’t forget to check if it’s competition legal or not :rolleyes:

Remove PTC’s

Can you post a picture of your flywheel? 25:1 with 6 motors is a lot of power and I don’t think you should be running into any PTC issues or motor overheating. Like the others said, it is probably an issue with excess friction.

Srsly dude?

Anyway, friction, as everyone has said, is probably the enemy. Why did you choose to use 6 motors? That is a lot compared to the four motors most people are using.

This is not legal for competition and can also be quite dangerous. DO NOT remove the PTCs unless you REALLY know what you’re doing (and it’s not for competition). They’re there for a good reason.