Dual Joystick

Does anyone know how to connect and program a dual joystick?

Its very simple! You can use a normal joystick or a partner joystick for the second controller. The programming is very similar to normal joystick programming.

Normal Joystick:
vexRT[Ch2] = motor(port7)
Partner Joystick:
vexRT[Ch2Xmtr2] = motor(port7)

Just add Xmtr2 to whatever channel or if you are using a button it’s Btn6UXmtr2. Also you connect the main cotroller and sync it first then connect the other contoller with a telephone cable.

To connect the two together, you’ll need one of these: http://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/products/accessories/electronics/276-1602.html

I’m pretty sure it’s just a normal phone line cable, so you can use any one of those you have.