Dual Joysticks

Does anybody know what we would need to drive the robot with two joystick? What would we need to program also?

When I first wrote my dual joystick code, I think I found everything I needed on Google? Try here which basically explains that you need Xmtr2 in front of whichever joystick channel or button you are using.

//Main VEXNet Joystick Controller
motor[rightMotor]  = vexRT[Ch1];

//Partner VEXNet Joystick Controller
motor[rightMotor] = vexRT[Ch1Xmtr2];

There is probably an easier way to map controllers, but I’m not that great with code.

Also, check out here which tells you what you need to connect your dual joysticks and get them running.

I also see the same post with a different username, but I can’t reply to that one so I’ll post this here?

I don’t have my program with me, but here is the gist of it for tank drive.

motor1 = Ch2 + Ch1
motor2 = Ch2 + Ch1
motor3 = Ch2 - Ch1
motor4 = Ch2 - Ch1

if you want to add strafing to the left joystick you just add/subtract channel 3 from everything.

motor1 = Ch2 + Ch1 - Ch3
motor2 = Ch2 + Ch1 + Ch3
motor3 = Ch2 - Ch1 - Ch3
motor4 = Ch2 - Ch1 + Ch3

You can mess around with different channels to find the best controls for you, but this is the way that it is generally done.

(This is for robotc. Easyc has a page dedicated to joystick/button mapping)

Thanks to all who replied. I appreciate the help. :slight_smile: