Dual Motors not syncing to desired controls

My team was working on setting up a motor group (2 motors) for spinning the same gear together. We match the ports, setup the 2 motor drivetrain, setup the motor group in vexcode in C++, and setup the features for the controller (split mode, with R1, R2 spinning the gears). We selected split mode on the V5 brain as well.
Only one motor would spin for the gear in the driver control phase.
We then reset the brain, reset the controller, started the C++ coding from the beginning on a new text project in Vexcode, and the issue occurred again. We tried different ports and starting the code over again with the correct ports selected, yet the issue continues.
Does the V5 brain allow for a motor group to be controlled on the R1, R2 buttons? or can only one motor be synced to this pair of buttons?
Also, when comparing the C++ coding between Vexcode V5 to Vexcode Pro V5 is one better than the other? Is this where our issue lies, with which platform we are coding in?
Any help would be immensely helpful.

Could the wire your using be bad? Maybe the Motor?

Great question. We have tried different wires and different motors as well.

I just checked this, no issues.

Make sure you are actually running the code you downloaded and not just running the builtin drive program.

completely unrelated to any code you download and run, it again suggests you are perhaps running the drive program.


We were using the builtin drive program. We found the competition template and everything ran much smoother.
Is there a template for the Skills portion of the competitions?

You can have multiple motors put on the R and L buttons. I have done it for a practice robot.

Your wire/s are probably bad. If not, check if your motor is working. This happened to us earlier this season and last season. Both were bad motors and/or wires. If I remember from today’s meeting, the wire can trick you into thinking it’s the motor and vice versa.

Hope you fix it!

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Glad you found the solution to the driving issue! For Skills, you should incorporate that into your existing program.
For example, my team’s code draws a button on the Brain’s screen that lets us cycle through which autonomous we want to run (close, far, or Prog Skills).
That might be a little too advanced for you, so my suggestion would be to have a separate program (download it to slot 2) where you separately program your Prog Skills route, as the “autonomous” (because when the field tells the robot to run Programming Skills it’s actually telling the robot to run whatever is in the autonomous method).

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Hello 1082X, when incorporating it into our current C++ programming, is there a specific command for ‘skills’? Such as the commands in the competition template? What would an example of code look like within the competition coding to make it run solely for Skills competitions?
We like to access the coding via the controller. If necessary, we can start it on the robot, we like running it from the controller mainly because that is how it is at competitions.

No there is not a skills-specific anything. For example, for driver skills, when the computer tells your robot to run “driver skills” it doesn’t actually tell the robot that; instead, it tells the robot to run your existing competition driver code, for 60 seconds.

In the same way, when it tells your robot to run “Programming Skills” (now called Autonomous Coding Skills) it doesn’t actually tell your robot that. Instead, it tells your robot to run your existing competition autonomous code. If that doesn’t last for the whole 60 seconds (which in a normal match it shouldn’t), then it will just stop running altogether.

What I would suggest is make a copy of your program, and download it to the second slot on your robot. On this copy of the program, write your programming skills code inside of the autonomous function. Then, when you go to run Programming Skills at a competition, you run the code from the second slot on your robot, and it should work.

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