Dual Pneumatics Tank Setup

Hi everyone,
Did a search but couldn’t find anything. What do you guys do to fill up both of your tanks at the same time, I tried connecting them together with a Tee fitting, but was scared to fill it up above 100 PSI because I thought it would explode. Am I doing it correctly, or is there a better way to do it. Here is an image below.

This is how I would do it.
Don’t worry, it won’t explode, the tubing and t-joints are meant to hold around 150-200psi(?). Just make sure you built it properly by (1) having no slant cuts in the tubing, make sure the cut is perpendicular to the tubing length and (2) pushing the tubing in and pulling to make sure it has a nice lock.
If you’re scared to fill them both up at once, you can use put that flow/block switch between the tank and t-joint and fill each up 1 at a time, later turning the switches to flow.
Also, just a quick question, what is this?: (I do not believe I have seen it in our kits)

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Adding an extra tank doesn’t let you fill it to a higher pressure, it just leaves room for more air. PSI is like the density of the air, or how “squished” it is inside the tanks, so adding another tank doesn’t allow it to be more “squished”, it just makes room for more air in the system. Also, I believe the tanks are only rated for 150 psi (I couldn’t find the actual number) so you shouldn’t fill it with more then that, and if this is for a competition robot you can’t legally pressurize it past 100 psi anyways.

It’s a schrader valve for filling air into the system, it’s normally screwed directly into tanks. I don’t think the fitting which they are using to attach it to the system like this is a legal part.


Hi, thanks for the help
I don’t know exactly what that piece is called, but I received it from my coach. It’s much easier to pump air with that instead of having the piece in the tank.

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Wait @Penguin1 don’t
Your valve there is backwards
It should be facing the other way
Putting pressure the wrong way will result in a leak and if enough is applied damage to the flow/block switch


Lol this image isn’t of my setup, just some random one I found online that demonstrates mine cuz I don’t have the robot with me. Mine is the right way though :smile:

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