Dual-Selection Autonomous

I have a question

Knowing i dont have the ability to make the code

Could we possibly make an autonomous selection during the Initialization period of the autonomous could we make where we can toggle between autonomous using the bumpers on the joystick

I use RobotC 4.0 right now

Appreciate the ideas

Not allowed because of joystick input being illegal during this time.

You could put it in driver control and just select auton before u plug into comp switch

Write a Function called Do Auton { } and place this in the autonomous #Auton.
Write the Do Auton in Pre auton (write the actual autonomous code in this), then in driver control write it to two buttons and say Do Auton.

Creds to 400X, you can message him if you need to.

So joystick input isn’t allowed during the initialization phase of autonomous?


And it’s a separate thing. Not part of Autonomous at all. Basically, it goes.

Initialize --> Auto --> Operator Control

If you put the code to pick an Auto mode in Auto, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

As the others have said, you can’t. I remember seeing an official Q&A about this a while back (can’t find thread), but it’s coded into the firmware and can’t be a avoided.

thanks for the confirmation

Gotta scrap that idea now

My thoughts exactly. If you don’t have an LCD display, I would recommend using jumper clips. They’re easy enough to program and the robot doesn’t have to be on to set it up. Point is, you can set the autonomous before you get on the field without it needing to be on.