Dummy practice robot

Our school has only one team, so we never have any other robots to practice with. To fix this, we made a dummy robot using spare metal and wheels. It has attachments that can fold out to simulate a wall bot, or they can fold in and it can be a non-wall bot. We can change the attachments and turn them at an angle to practice foiling an expanded super-stacker, and we can practice defending against a robot with a negator. We named it “The Dominated,” as opposed to “The Dominator.”

Has anyone else ever done this before?

That sounds like a good idea for Practice… Like a Sparing Partner…

Does “The Dominated” have any electronics, or is it just a “shell”… Do you select some of your Team to Operate It?? ( They are Called the “OpFor” in the U.S. Army, short for “Opposition Force” )

I think the FTC team, the last year with Vex Controllers that I mentored did that, because we had 4 of the Original Vex Kits, plus additional Vex Parts…

It has no electronics. It’s just a small, motor-less chassis with wallbot extensions. When we want it to move during practice, a team member who’s not driving will move it by hand (while making sure to keep themselves well out of the robot’s way). If we had an extra cortex, we would probably add electronics to it to make it more realistic. But for now, it serves its purpose.

You could get by with a PIC Controller and a 75Mhz Transmitter/Receiver and a few Motors…

A very cool idea… The more realistic the better… :wink:

Better yet, you could get a VEXplorer! (Of course you only have four motor ports…)

As a lift-less wheel base, four motors is all it would need.

wow that is a great idea, it would allow us to save a ton of time recreating a wall bot or other robot and would take driver skill out of the practice opponents not to mention the amount of parts we would save.