Dumper problems

I am having problems with a dumper I m building. I have a 2:1 tying two motors together and a 6:1 on the dumper, when I run it, it runs vary slow.

Heir are some pictures:

im not sure if i read that correctly but i think you only have 2 motors on the lift? I would recommend you have ayleast 4motors on your lift, some teams even have 6.

So your gear ratio is 1:15. That means your dumper will spin 1 rotation for every 15 rotations of the motors.


I am going to have six motors on my lift.

How do I get a 1:7 on my dump? I plain to use a 4 bar type dumper (the top bar (36 holes long) will go to the dumper and the bottom bar (15 holes long) will go part way and be linked to the top bar). I wish to use two motors on the top ( because that is ware the ware will be) and one on the bottom.

increading it to a 1:7 will make it move slower

What wold be a good gear ratio?

1:5 seems to be enough to allow for good speed and torgue so i would stick with it. how many motors do you currently have on it?

Its currently 1:15 not 1:5

oh i didnt see that. if you want a 1:5 ratio have a 12 tooth gear on the motor shaft and a 60 tooth gear being driven by that 12 tooth gear

How do I tie two motors to the 1:5?

A good way to do that is to build your gearbox in layers similar to this

Except the 36 tooth gear would be a 12 tooth and the 12 tooth gear would be a 60 tooth

Is that a drive?

That is similar to what I did and I used a 2:1 and it works fairly well.

yes that is a drive geared 3:1 for speed

Some cleverly placed elastics will help your dumper too and allow you to use the faster internal motor gears.

Keep an eye on the arm length to not make the torque needs go crazy high. It is only a 2’ fence this year. Minimizing that torque arm length will have very big benefits for you.

You would not need to stack gears as it takes up unessassary space, you would just need the motor going to a 12 tooth gear, and then connect them with 36 or 60 tooth gears then attach a 60 tooth for a 1:5 or a 36 tooth for a 1:3 gearing ratio to the arm, that is how ive seen it done, to make it easier

This is my first year of competition.

We only have two motors but its a 3:1 gearing then it goes into a 5:1 gearing.

Are you sure you wont a 15:1?

Why would you need that much torque anyway? It is too slow for competition purposes and a 1:5 or a 1:7 with rubber bands would be more practical.