During skills are you allowed to shoot balls out of the field?

I ask because in this skills run, MJS shoots balls out of the field on multiple occasions. This increases their speed and efficiency and allows for an impressive stop time of 9 seconds, but I can’t imagine that shooting balls out of the field could be legal. I tried looking in the game manual for a rule explicitly disallowing for skills this but I couldn’t find any. Does anyone have the answer to whether or not ejecting balls from the field is legal?

It states that you are not allowed to shoot balls outside of the field.


So the MJS teams run is not entirely legal. I have not seen there run. Where is it posted?

youtube heres a link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVLS5CL45Yg shout out to this team though!!!

yeah but it can be made legal fairly easily with out changing their design. and if you have a pooper or trap door bot it shouldn’t be that huge of a deal.

it’s a practice run so it doesn’t count anyways lol. either way the time it saved them was negligible, im positive they can do it just as fast even without throwing the balls out


Probable faster too since they had some mistakes

Yeah I’m not questioning their skill, it’s just my team was considering throwing balls out too when we saw that- I’m glad that I now know that we cannot do that.