During Skills, which side are the rollers facing?

We have a code that turns all four rollers on the side. We are trying to figure out what side the rollers are facing?

Please refer to this QA


But that is your opinion though, I need the real answer

Actually, Official Q&A is the OFFICIAL clarification of the Game Manual - not an opinion.


You can also check rule RSC1 of the game manual:

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I can see why you are confused by maybe seeing that on page 96 it says,
“The Robot Skills Challenge playing field is set up almost exactly the same as a Head-to-Head VEX Robotics Competition Spin Up Match, with the following modifications:
In Programming Skills Matches, the VEX GPS code strip must be installed on the field.
Six (6) of the Preload Discs are not used.”

But two pages underneath that states that All Rollers on the field start on Blue.
Screenshot 2022-11-17 1.06.39 PM

There is no confusion if you read the Q&A response from the GDC.

Please read Q&A for official answers, and when they are answered, they supersede the Game Manual until updates.


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